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Water trails

TurystykaDue to the inaccessibility of the area the best way to discover the Park’s nature it’s by kayak or by a ride in the "pychówka" – typical boats, like that you will be able to meet the Park “from the inside".

    This is the last stage of the 150 km Narew trail from the Siemianówka water reservoir or from the village Narewka. Course: Suraż 0,0 km – Uhowo 9,0 km – Bokiny 17,0 km – Topilec 21,0 km – Kolonia Topilec 25,0 km – Waniewo 31,0 km – Kurowo 37,0 km  - Radule 42,0 km – Rzędziany 46 km.
    These trails are made by kayak or by the typical boats – “pychówka” they allow you to explore the most attractive part of the Narew Valley nature. In a short time (from 45 min to 3 hours) you can see one of the most interesting parts of the Park, inside the swamps you can observe an old defensive redoubt named "Koziołek – Goat" and appreciate the beautiful view over the Valley through a destroyed bridge – “zerwany most” during the Second World War. The trail has three variants: small (1.6 km), medium (3.2 km) and large (7.7 km).